by mitsubamushi(by みつばむし)

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ZOOM U-24とU-44がお安い? あんど BFD 3.4.4

 ふと気づくとZOOM U-24Amazonさん 11,075円音屋さん 11,330円。以前物色した際は15,000円を超えてた気がするし、他店では今でも超えたお値段っぽい。U-44だとAmazonさん 12,465円音屋さん 12,340円で、こちらも20,000円前後だった気がする。




 そんな中、就寝前にメールを確認すると「Update to the latest version of BFD3」とのことでBFD3が3.4.4に更新していたらしい。BFD3.4.4.29 Release Notesを見ると↓

BFD3 - New Features
UTF-16 character support for user accounts on windows
・Mixer shows meters even when channels are muted
・Mute+Solo behaviour improved - implied solo logic is now more modern and intuitive

BFD License Manager - Bug Issues Resolved
・Crash when poor internet connection causes Product List Refresh to fail
・User reporting that License Manager cannot connect in China
・License manager not responding
・License Manager says Expansions are not Authorized

BFD3 - Bug Issues Resolved
・BFD3 enabled despite license being expired (Win only)
・Rapid DAW transport start-stop stress test can crash BFD
・The ‘produce diagnostic report’ button in the preferences causes an error
・Only some tracks meters are active when soloing
・Solo mute representation appears to be incorrect
・Imply-Soloed upstream sends is incorrect: bug Hearing too many channels on a buss
・Ambient send level not restored with processed kitpiece
macOS BFD3 Uninstaller within BFD LM fails to launch due to incorrect path
・Inconsistency in output assignments
・BFD3 quits unexpectedly during “Migrate Now”
・Keyboard shortcuts not working when BFD is plugin in Ableton Live 11, win10
・Long mac path support (was: BFD3 AU causes crash while launching in Logic Pro)
・User reporting incorrect thumbnails and overlapping KP graphics
・Drag Exporting grooves with “Export Audio not MIDI” causes freeze
DAW crashes when loading in a processed sample
・Loading BFD2 presets does not recall ambient mic routings correctly
・BFD3 has been disabled after updating to in macOS Monterey
・Resetting preferences sets profile drop-down to “Economy detail 16 bit”
・Unable to run on Windows 10 accounts with Japanese characters
・BFD3 notes getting randomly choked during playback
・Kit/Preset loading progress bars not finalising
・Projects crash when using multiple instances in Reaper, Studio One, Ableton Live
・Fixed a crash when loading presets.
・crash on rescan all with non paths
・drag kit piece creates slot but doesn’t load.
・hihat audition strip in KP inspector silent in “all artics” mode until another artic is selected
・Effects A-B switch bug
・Fixed Null chan pointer dereference when connecting mics to kitpiece - channel name matching
・Fixed Damping code low pass term storage made assumption that right channel index was +1 left channel index
・Fixed credits box bug.
・Fixed Apple empty date string reinterpretation issue

BFD - Task Issues Resolved
MIDI Map panel keyboards: vector drawn, less frenetic
・Resize midi map artic list when GUI is big
・BFD should tell users to go online to recheck license if there is 20 or fewer days until license expiry
・Add preference / menu item for Meter When Muted