by mitsubamushi(by みつばむし)

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BFD3.4.3.7 あんど Mellotron VとSampleTron 2


Changes in BFD3.4.3.7:
・30-day time out for authorizations has been tweaked. They should now automatically refresh for anyone that is online.
・Fixed missing snare microphone channels when creating new kits.
・Fixed a crash when loading BFD1 kits and presets.
・Fixed a crash when loading BFD2 presets.
・Fixes to the data-path scanning system to prevent threads locking up.
・Improved license error reporting, with new button to take users to FAQ/Knowledge Base
・Faster scanning of content
・Fixed: license content pack buttons not appearing after rescan all paths
・Throttled back gui updates in Content Manager during scans
・Optimized content manager redraws

Possible known issues:
・There are reports of cymbals choking off/cutting out and the voice not finishing it’s processing. We have not been able to reproduce this in-house. If you see this, please report back with system specs, your BFD engine settings, your buffer sizes and sample-rate, and the host(s) you’re seeing the issue in.

Additional notes:
If you have authorization issues, the first thing to try is logging out of License Manager and your inMusic Profile account, and then re-logging into License Manager and following the prompts in your web browser.

Finally, if you have reported a bug and have not heard anything in response, please get in touch with me directly and I will investigate.

 ↑とのこと。いろいろと改善されたよーだがBFD3 v3.4.3.7 - “BFD3 has been disabled…”なんて情報もあったりで、少々心配(^_^;も少し様子見。

 そんな中、Arturia Mellotron VIK Multimedia SampleTron 2の再確認。Mellotron VはV Collection 6を更新すると入手することになる品で、SampleTron 2はIK創業25周年記念:Group Buyのおまけ品として検討中な品。Mellotron Vは↓

・65 original tape racks from MKI/MKII/M300/M400 Mellotrons
・User sample import: benefit from the Mellotron sound on any sample
・3 tracks to select or blend samples
・Modeling parameters and modulations: flutter, tape saturation, mechanics noise, noise floor, velocity on volume and aftertouch on flutter
・Amplitude envelope and loop controls for each sample
・Time stretching on user samples
・Dedicated effects pedal board
 ・4 slots with a selection of 10 different effects
 ・1 amplifier simulator (Fender Twin or Leslie)
 ・1 room ambiance
・61 presets


 SampleTron 2は↓

・Channel Strip、Tape Echo、Multimod、新規に開発されたVintage Plateが使用できるラック・タイプのエフェクト・セクション
スタンドアローン、各種DAWプラグインとして動作。また、サウンド・ライブラリーはSampleTank 4で使用することも可能

 ↑こんな感じで、デモ版は無いのでオーディオビデオで音を確認。Mellotron Vよりも収録機種や音ネタが多いのはとっても魅力的(^_^)音も好みだし、やはりおまけで頂戴しておく?