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Reference Headphone 4.4

 ふと気づくとSonarworks Reference 4 Headphone edition4.4になってたので更新。こないだ4.3.5を頂戴してから間もない気もするが、Release notesを見ると↓

Reference 4.4 Release Notes
Date of release: 26/09/2019


・New Presets sidebar allows easier management of user output devices and calibration profiles. More info regarding this can be found here.

・[Win] Users can now launch Systemwide in ASIO mode if their output device does not support WASAPI. You can find the option to do so in Settings – Audio.

・Starting from this release onwards Systemwide will detect if a new version is released and notify the user. User can also manually check for updates from Systemwide GUI. Disable the notifications from Settings – Notifications.

・[macOS] Support for macOS 10.15 Catalina added

・Output channels can be selected separately, as opposed to having them in pairs. Useful for switching the Left/Right channels or configuring more complex setups.

・Retry button now available if license activation fails due to network issues.

・Systemwide starts in Dark Theme for new users if their operating system is set to dark mode too.

・User has the option to disable the GPU process, which can decrease energy consumption but might introduce visual artifacts. Find the option in Settings – General.

・Setup guide flow slightly improved to provide more clarity for new users.

・[macOS] Fixed a bug that caused multiple notifications to appear at the same time.

・[Win] Fixed a bug that prompted users to calibrate unsupported devices, crashing the playback engine.

・[Win] Fixed an issue with a white border for the title bar in the Dark Theme.

・[Win] Added the missing title for Systemwide in the taskbar.

・Added the version and build numbers to the license information view.

・Minor design and performance updates.

Starting from this release onwards Reference Plugin will detect if a new version is released and notify the user. User can also manually check for updates from the Plugin.

 ↑とゆーことで、こちらで解説されているプリセット管理がメインみたい。こちらからオフライン版な「Sonarworks Reference 4 Studio Edition」(370MB)をダウンロードしてインストールすると、GUIが横に長くなっている。

Sonarworks Reference 4.4。

Reference 4.4なSONY MDR-ZX110 P。

ダークなテーマでReference 4.4なSuperlux HD681

 サイドパネルでプリセットの管理は楽になるだろーけど、場所をとるので出し入れ可能なほーが私的には好み。Safe Headroomしてるとプリセット切り替え時に自動でボリュームが最大になるのは嬉しい。これまでは切り替えでヘッドルームが上がる場合、ボリュームは切り替え前を保持してたのよね。


AKG K175 Average.swhp
AKG K182 Average.swhp
AKG K275 Average.swhp
Sennheiser HD 650 Average (Subpac).swhp
Sennheiser HD 650 AVG (Subpac).swhp

 ↑が増えた模様。軽く表示してみた感じでは「Sennheiser HD 650 Average (Subpac).swhp」と「Sennheiser HD 650 AVG (Subpac).swhp」は同じかも。

Reference 4.2.2で285プロファイル取得。

上から「Sennheiser HD 650 Average.swhp」「Sennheiser HD 650 Average (Subpac).swhp」「Sennheiser HD 650 AVG (Subpac).swhp」。