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自転車で徘徊 あんど Reference 4.4.6


 そんな中、ふと気づくとSonarworks Referenceが4.4.6になってたので、毎度のOffline Downloadsから「Sonarworks Reference 4 Studio Edition」(382MB)を頂戴して更新。更新内容は↓

Reference 4.4 Release Notes
Release notes for 4.4.6
Date of release: 12/11/2020

・[Win] Fixed a bug that made the program freeze on splash screen
・Fixed app crash on extreme sample rate/buffer size settings
・[Win] Added possibility to blacklist specific ASIO drivers in ASIO mode
・[macOS] Fixed missing output channels on inbuilt output during onboarding
・[Win] Fixed missing tray icon
・Fixed tray icon not reflecting current calibration state
・Fixed GUI opening on system start by default
・Fixed safe headroom value not applied on first preset saved after onboarding

・Fixed a users not being able to authorize licenses from plugin
・Fixed various plugin internet connection issues


Reference 4 Systemwide。