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Pianoteq 6.1.0

 ふと気づくとMODARTT Pianoteqが6.1.0になってたり。私的には6.0.2のデモ版を頂戴した後に6.0.3をパスしていたのだけれど、更新内容を見ると↓


・The issue where an unavailable soundcard would sometimes freeze the interface on startup should be fixed.
・An old issue where sometimes a parameter change would fail to apply has been solved.
・(2017/11/02) updated the STAGE version in order to fix an issue with non-global midimappings.
・(2018/01/17) Better handling of multitouch events for the graphical keyboard.
・(2018/01/17) Fix automation of pedals, and diapason.
・(2018/01/17) Fix issue where sympathetic resonnance was not working with the --multicore max option on Linux.
・(2018/01/17) Added command-line options --midi-channel and --midi-transpose to the standalone version.



・New spatialisation technique which brings more air and presence to the instruments, increasing realism.
・Minor re-voicing on some instruments/presets.
・Support for the NKS (Native Kontrol Standard) extended plug-in format from Native Instruments.
・The most recently used presets (up to 5) are displayed in the presets menu.
・The loudness should be more even when the reverb amount is changed.


インストール内容の選択。「NKS Plugin」の有(上)無(下)で9.5MB違うみたい。

Pianoteq Trial 6.1.0。

音色を変更しつつ遊んだ後の音色一覧。「Rasent Presets」が新機能。