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BFD 3.4.5

 KVRなこちら経由でBFD3の更新と出逢い、BFD License Managerで「BFD3_3-4-5-28_Update_Win.exe」(54.4MB)を頂戴して3.4.5に更新。BFD3.4.5.28 Release Notesによると↓

This builds adds native support for Apple computers with M1 Apple Silicon (VST/AU). Pro Tools AAX is not currently supported and still requires Rosetta. Cubase12 requires Rosetta currently also, given that in M1 Native mode Steinberg have chosen to not support VST2.

The AAX and VST3 support are on our roadmap.

・The VCA Comp now includes some presets.
・There is now a dirty state indicator included in the preset name bar.

Bug fixes
・Crash when deleting favourites lists.
・Fixed hihat pedal and splash processing.
・Crash on startup when some preference entries are very long.
・Minor tool-tip fix to groove editor tools.

Known issues & Limitations
・Native support for M1 Apple Silicon in Pro Tools is not yet implemented.
・VST2 plugin will not be found by Cubase when Cubase is run in Apple Silicon mode.

Please download BFD3.4.5 via the BFD License Manager application. Please ensure you are using the latest version.


BFD 3.4.5。

追加機能は確認出来ず(^_^;「The VCA Comp」って「Comp VCA」とは違うのかしら?