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Pianoteq 7.1.0

 更新作業でバタバタする中、ふと気づくとMODARTT Pianoteq 7.1.0と遭遇。更新内容は↓

Change history of Pianoteq
Version 7

7.1.0 (2021/01/08)
・64-bit ARM binaries are now available on macOS (M1) and Linux.
・A dedicated toolbar button for the freeze filter is available, and a default freeze filter can be set.
・For instruments where it is applicable, the 'mono' and 'stereo' outputs can be converted to 'sound recording' output (Pianoteq Standard and Pro).
・When the pedals of the interface are clicked while a MIDI sequence is recorded (in Pianoteq standalone), the matching MIDI events are inserted in the recorded MIDI sequence.
・Performance should be slightly improved with respect to version 7.0.

 ↑とのことで、Windowsユーザー的ににはx.1上がるほどの内容では(以下自主規制)。PTQ 7.1.0 Own mic settings. Where are they gone?なんて投稿もあるので、またすぐに更新するかな?とりあへづユーザーエリアから「pianoteq_setup_v710.exe」(42.2MB)を頂戴したが、インストールせず様子見。