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当頁はby みつばむし(のメモです。毎週土曜日更新予定。

無料なAmpliTube Metal あんど V Collection 7.2

 ふと気づくとニュースレター登録で AmpliTube Metal をプレゼントとのことで、ログインしてFree GiftなIK Multimedia AmpliTube Metalを入手(^_^)アンプだけでなく、エフェクターもいくつか増えた模様。毎度嬉しいのだけれど、これから3 MAXを狙う身としては、物欲が少し盛り下がるのが困りもの(^_^;

Free GiftなAmpliTube Metal。

AmpliTube Metal。

AmpliTube Custom Shopは4.10.0に。

 軽く鳴らしてみた感じでは、エフェクト無しでもしっかり歪んでそれっぽい音になる印象。弾いてないときのノイズが大きいのが気になるが、ノイズゲートを使うとしっかり消えるのでのーぷろぶれむ。私的環境では比較的ノイズの少ないSteinberger ZT-3 Customのフロントとパラレルリヤの組み合わせだと高域が少々不足気味かもだが、EQで補正すれば何とか。

 ついでに数日前にメールを頂戴してArturia Software Center(ASC)で更新済みだったV Collection 7.2関連の確認。更新内容は『Faster preset changes』だったり『Improved graphic performance』だったり『Various Bug fixes』だったりで、私の手持ちのV Collection 6な機種たちも更新されたのだけれど、確かにプリセットの切り替えは速くなった気がする。ちなみにAnalog Lab 4.2.0の更新内容は↓

Analog Lab 4

V 4.2.0


・Faster preset loading time, especially in AU, VST3 and AAX
・Interface loading is now faster
・Animations are now smoother
・Animations CPU consumption is now reduced
・New convolution reverb engine
・VST3 presets now supported
・A pop-up is now shown when instruments vst/au/aax and system files are mismatching

New features:

・OBXa is now supported by Analog Lab
・New knobs and button types
・Tooltips now reflects the instrument engine parameter value
・Added an "Update" button to the update available pop-up
・Pressing ESC while dragging presets now cancels the drag
・Recommended presets can now be added to concerts/songs
・Macros various improvements
・Engines are now loaded at startup to reduce presets change time
・Presets can now be dragged and dropped from a Song to a Multi slot
・New warning message when deleting a concert
・Multis can now be selected in Swap Mode

Bug fixes:

・Remove / replace an instrument no longer crashes Logic 10.5.1
Midi Learn now works after clicking on Delete Current Config
・Resize the user interface is not fluid and doesn't lead to a blank screen anymore
・No more animation glitches when opening the advanced panel
・Control + click is now supported on all Mac models.
・Factory presets can now be saved in playlists
・In concert mode, load the preet saved state vs the edited state is now functional.
・Vangelis Tribute Pack missing preset added to the bank.
・Program changes MIDI channels are now taken in account.
・When browsing playlists opening the instrument view no longer deselects the current preset
・Samples are no longer missing after exporting a concert
・Browsing filters are now updated after a save as
・Various playlist presets state recall improvements
・"Proceed to payment" button can’t be clicked multiple times anymore
・Close button is now present in the activation pop-up
・Preset recommandation now supports split presets
・Macros now support self- assigned parameters
・Parameters automation are now reflected on the Live view interface
・Keylab Preset and Category buttons behavior is now consistent in Analog Lab
・KeyLab MkII snapshots response time is now normal
・Knobs without assignations can now be changed in Assign mode
・No more GUI issues in Ableton
・No more freezes and export issues with VOX macros
・Lowering zoom no longer creates alignment issues
・Editing parameters from a controller no longer create glitches


Analog Lab 4.2.0。

OB-Xa Vの音色も。